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Mortgage Rates

Here is a sample of our popular mortgage products. Call us about our competitive construction loan and "First Time Homebuyers" programs.

APRs are effective as of 11/22/2017 and are subject to change at any time.


*APR=annual percentage rate. The APR is based on borrowing $100,000. No fees will be imposed until the borrower has received the Loan Estimate and has indicated their intent to proceed with the transaction.  Loan to Value (LTV) should not exceed a maximum of 80 percent of appraised value (75% LTV for condos and townhouses.) Purchases including properties purchased within the past 12 months are subject to LTV of 80% of cost or appraised value whichever is less (75% for condos and townhouses.) Flood insurance may be required.  Title insurance required. Other third party fees may apply. All mortgage products are available for new money and refinance. Cash out refinance increases the rate by 25 basis points.  Offer is subject to credit approval. Borrower must be of legal age to apply.

Adjustable Rate Mortgages are variable and may increase or decrease after their initial fixed rate period.10 year ARMs will adjust after 10 years and every year there after. 7 year ARMs will adjust after 7 years and then every year thereafter.  5 year ARMs will adjust after 5 years and then every year thereafter.  With each adjustment the interest rate is based upon an index plus a margin.  Ask us for our current index and margin.  2% annual cap, 6% lifetime cap.   Payment examples are based on borrowing $100,000.

Fixed Rate Residential Prestige Mortgages minimum credit score of 700 based on Kroll Factual Data's Tri-Merge Credit Report.

Fixed Rate Residential Mortgages and Adjustable Rate Mortgages minimum credit score of 700. Credit score of 675 – 699 increase the base rate 50 basis points per applicant; credit scores of 640 – 674 increase the base rate 75 basis points per applicant. Credit scores are based on Kroll Factual Data's Tri-Merge Credit Report.

Speak to one of our Mortgage Loan Originators for additional information.