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About Our Web site:
We do not collect personal information from visitors to our Web site. The information you provide to us on our Web site is done so voluntarily so that we may provide you with a product or service for which you have expressed an interest or to complete a transaction that you have initiated.
Use of "Cookies"
A "cookie" is a small piece of information that may be created when you visit a web site, and may or may not be written to your computer's hard drive. Depending on the type of information collected, if it is stored on your hard drive it can be retrieved when you revisit the site. Other "cookies" are used to enhance performance of a web site. They are written to your browser only and expire when you terminate your internet session. The "cookie" we use is for security and website statistical purposes only. It is written to your browser, and expires once your internet session is terminated. It is used to monitor inactivity during your session. If there is no activity for a predetermined period of time, your session will timeout and you will be automatically logged off. No personal information is collected about you, nor can personal information be retrieved from your computer through the use of the "cookie".
Established Security Procedures to Protect Customer Information
There are company-wide policies on data security relating to mainframe (database) access and personal computer use. In all forms of access to customer information, whether in person, telephone, ATMs, the Internet, etc., there are strict procedures in place to ensure that a customer's identity is verified prior to providing any information, whether through personal passwords, or other forms of identifying information.
Third Party Links
Our Website: may provide access through links to other products and services, some of which are offered through nonaffiliated third parties. Once you leave our web site, you should review the security and privacy policies of the nonaffiliated third party.
Community Bank of Bergen County website and Bill Paying Service
You can bank with confidence on our website. We take every precaution to ensure that your banking sessions are performed in a secure environment through a secure server. Our Website provides secure communication and has a valid certificate. Secure communication means that information you provide and transmit over the internet, such as your account number or other personal information is encrypted using the highest level of 128-bit encryption so that it cannot be intercepted and read by other people. The certificate is a statement guaranteeing the security of the Website and contains information that a specific Website is authentic. This ensures that no other site can assume the identity of the original site. We also require a User ID, password and multifactor authentication to access our online Banking System. To maintain the security of your account information, we ask that you take the following precautions: (1) Do not share your User ID and/or password with anyone. If you do, you are authorizing the Bank to perform transactions for that person, just as if you requested it. Bank employees will never ask you for your password. If you believe someone has obtained your password, contact us immediately at 201-587-1333 Ext 1560; (2) Change your password regularly; and, (3) Remember to sign off after your session is complete.
You should know that e-mail is not transmitted through a secure server. When you send an e-mail to us, you should not include personal or confidential information.
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