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Information about Residential Construction Loans

When you need funds for a residential construction project, Community Bank of Bergen County can provide the finances you need to get things off the ground. We're proud to work with local contractors, individuals, and developers who are focused on improving our community with quality construction. We're known for providing fast decisions and easy disbursements. Our friendly advisors have the expertise required to meet the needs of a wide range of clients.Couple in front of their new home construction

Fast, Easy, and Flexible Financing

When it comes to construction projects, we know that having access to flexible financing is absolutely crucial. Whether you're buying building materials or renting expensive construction equipment, we'll make sure you have the liquid assets you need to fund your project during every phase. We'll decide if you're eligible for funds quickly and provide multiple disbursements as needed.

Types of Financing Available

Clients who come to our bank to fund residential construction projects have many different needs, so we provide several different programs for their benefit. Our programs include:

  • Add-A-Level Financing: If you're looking for more floor space without having to move, adding a new level to your property may the best option. We can provide you with the financing you need to develop architectural plans, hire contractors, buy materials, and purchase any other services you might need to make your addition come to life.
  • Land Acquisition Financing: Whether you already have homes you're ready to relocate or have plans laid out for the construction of a brand new development, we can provide the financial assistance you need to get a piece of land that suits your purposes. We understand getting loans for land acquisition can be difficult at other institutions, we'll do everything we can to fulfill your needs.
  • Construction to Permanent Financing: You can get the funds you need to obtain an empty lot and construct your property all within a single loan product. You can also use this type of loan to build or renovate on land you already own.
  • Speculative Programs: These programs are for entrepreneurs or companies who need financing to build properties that have yet to be sold. Whether you're planning to build just a few homes or an entire subdivision, we can use your land equity as a down payment and provide flexible repayment options.

No matter what type of residential construction loan you're looking to apply for, our goal is to provide products and services that exceed your expectations. We'll be there for you every step of the way to answer your questions and fulfill your requests. Let us help you start a project, visit us today at one of our locations - Maywood, Fair Lawn or Rochelle Park or to speak with one of our construction loan specialist today, call 201-587-1333.