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Merchant Services in Bergen County, NJ

Provided by CardChoice International

Community Bank has teamed up with CardChoice International to provide merchant services to our business customers.

CardChoice Merchant Services is a fast growing purveyor of credit card transaction terminals and merchant processing services. CardChoice carries a complete line of Point-of-Sale (POS) equipment that allows merchants to accept credit, debit, gift/loyalty, and EBT cards.

CardChoice has helped revolutionize the merchant services industry by redefining its direction towards a more price sensitive and service orientated structure, designed to help businesses increase their margin of profit.

CardChoice can help your business with the following programs:

  • Credit Card Processing
  • Check Guarantee and Conversion
  • Cash Advance for Working Capital
  • Gift and Loyalty Cards

Take advantage of all the services that CardChoice has for you, including;

Accepting all Major Credit Cards
Lower Processing Rates
On-Line Reporting
24/7 Client Support
Fast Approvals
Settle Invoices in QuickBooks
Wholesale Equipment & Software
Payroll Management for Small Businesses

For more information stop into one of our convenient branches or call 866-350-3200 and get started today.